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We protect your business data

There are hackers who want your data. Many US SMB’s owners think there is no protection or they go with talented IT departments that know little about cybersecurity. We have the crew for you.

Committed to growth

We will grow with your business

We can grow with your business. As fast as you can add endpoints and servers we can protect them.

Our Top Services

Our Best Services

Strategy Planning

We will create many disaster plans and procedures ready to go for any situation your business may encounter, we back this with training.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber security insurance is Needed comfort for that just in case. Will help you pay for any damage control that your Business Insurance won't.

Audit & Evaluation

Armies around the world mock attacks by their enemies so they could be ready for anything. Your business is no different, but being attacked shows your weakness so you can be refortified against the upcoming attacks.

Why Cy-Quest Cyber Armor

Our Best For Your Best

It is always the best practice to prepare you for everything, so we focus Protecting your business from the worst disasters that could happen.

This way you can focus on your best practices in keeping your employees and customers happy. While we maintain the security of your data, your employees and your customers. This is what we call Total Continuity.

More About Us

Our security operations center (SOC) has teams operating in shifts around the clock, and a facility dedicated to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents, to keep you compliant..

Cynthia Chang

SOC OPS Manager

Cyber security threats are not going away any time soon the need for proactive detection with proper threat awareness is an necessity.

Perry Languirand


Our sales teams are ready to get you what you need, not you dont. Every clients accounts are custom built for your business. Your sales rep will also be your account manager, so we can grow a partnership built on trust.

Lani Phipps

Customer Support Manager

Our Professional members

Our Team Mambers

Cynthia Chang

SOC Operational Manager

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